Reaching a New Breakthrough Record of 1,000 Readers and 2,000 Views

New Breakthrough Cover1. Thank you for your support, both in reading and forwarding my article, making the purpose of this blog functionally more meaningful.

2. Glad to release new record according to today’s data:

  • Number of Views: 2009
  • Number of Readers: 1009
  • Number of Country: 23 (unfamiliar countries: Algeria, Estonia)

New Breakthrough

Geographical Spread
Readers from widespread of countries in the whole world


3. Surprising responses:

Reader Ranking
Views’ Ranking Table
  • The United States (56 views) ~ I have never expected readers from the United States can be the third highest readers’ record. This may be because is based is in the United States, and because the blog’s articles are in bilingual edition, so American readers are easily accessible to read.
  • New Zealand (27 views) ~ I have also not expected readers from New Zealand can be the fifth highest ranking. This may be due to my wife’s friend residing in New Zealand have come in to read and redirected it to someone else there. If time allows, we have to verify on this premise.
  • Belgium (20 views) – the sixth highest readership from Belgium is also very encouraging to me. What a pleasant surprise that in such a distant land as in Belgium does have people interested to drop by and read my articles. Probably these are the people from my old high school classmates who have migrated there. And they found my article released to their WhatsApp groups.


Interesting Observations
Subject’s View Ranking


4. Interesting Observations: The highest views among all the subject matter written, the subject of health (in Chinese language) came to be the highest interest among Malaysian readers.

  •  It indicates that the Malaysians (especially my readers), health awareness is greater than investment or money awareness. This may be due to the reason that this group of readers is from the middle age group like my age, or near retirement age. Health subject is then becoming more and more important. Because my article has been published through the 3 large old classmate WhatsApp groups.
  • It can also be concluded that the way to encourage proper investment awareness may also be a distant road. This hypothesis can also be supported from the way the scarcity of readers subscribing to this site. This will be further explained as followed;

5. The Impending Task ~ The purpose of this blog is to gather people who have common interest in investment. But with such a large readership, the current subscribers is only 15 people, a figure still far away from ideal (see blue circle in Table A). If we analyze from the viewers’ ranking in Table D, most people did go to see the home page. They want to know the purpose of this blog. But it failed to get them sign the subscription. Reasons may be as followed:

  • Malaysians have little interest in investing. Most people may think that investment is like gambling. Loses are more than winnings, so the best way is to avoid it.
  • Perhaps most of them think that you need to have a lot of extra money to do investing. It has never crossed their mind that before you have a lot of money, you need to start learning how to do proper investment. If you do not learn to invest, once you get a lot of money, for example, pension, life insurance plan maturity due, and so on, you do not know how to treasure its use.
  • It is also possible that readers do not know how to subscribe. So the instructions for the subscription have been added at the bottom of each release recently so that the reader can respond to the subscription easily.
  • If the above analysis is correct, my blog mission is even more important. I will “try” to demonstrate how to use the right investment knowledge, so that we would all know investment is not as difficult as it seems. I do really hope that one day, I shall be able to help readers achieve financial freedom. So that we don’t need to sweat for daily necessities especially true in our old retirement age.

6. Thank you for the support for my article. Your kind involvement has been a great help to me. I will pursue to write even better, especially in the investment arena. If my writing can inspire some people to start learning investment and experience profiting or gains, I would feel greatly contented.

7.  If you do not want to miss any articles posted, please subscribe my web blog, “Treasure Hunting Wizard“.



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