How to Use Other People’s Money to Earn Extra Income for Yourself

Money MgmtDo you know proper money management on daily lives does not only give you healthy cash flow, but it can generate extra money for you too? You may ask how to do that? Let me explain step by step below;

  1. Prefer to spend your money using credit card. There are utility options like workshops or IT outlets that accept credit card as payment and some do not. So always choose intentionally with those that accept credit card, especially for large expenditures.
  2. There will be about one month time between the time you purchase your goods or services and the time you settle your credit card payment.
  3. Save the exact amount of credit money into RHB Cash Management Fund 2 in Fundsupermart (FSM) to enjoy income with annual profit/interest rate of 3.35% for that one month. Alternatively, you can choose higher income option of saving into AMB Lifestyle Trust Fund for annual profit/interest rate of 8.74% currently.

    Cash Mgmt
    Enjoy high interest rate with these 2 funds
  4. There will be no charges for neither entry nor exit fee incurred. Interest will be deposited on a daily basis. Those savings do not have any locked up period. It can be retrieved any time whenever needed. (For detail explanation, please read up FAQ in FSM Homepage)
  5. You may ask, if I have those money in advance, why don’t I place all of them inside those vehicles you mentioned? That’s correct. This is exactly what I am encouraging you to do. For me, I have a pleasant habit of placing all those monthly fixed expenses of my family like petrol budget, utility budgets, etc into RHB Cash Management Fund 2 as soon as I receive my salary every month.
  6. In doing this, I am not only having less stress in meeting those bill payment at the end of the month, but even enjoy having extra “interest” in my FSM account.
  7. Remember, those money are supposed to be paid out to business owners, they are not yours anymore once you made a goods or services transaction. But it is allowed to delay paying for just one month little more or less because of the credit card system. Why don’t we take this allowable small “window” of opportunity to create another earning for ourselves? You can in fact use other people’s money to earn extra interest or profit for yourself! Who knows you can use that extra income to bring your family for a time of comfortable movie entertainment or friends for a good meal?



Disclaimer: The author expresses his view based on his own learning experiences and share for reference only. He has no whatsoever affiliation with Fundsupermart aside from being independent investor alone. Readers are advised to use individual assessment to take advise provided.



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