Introducing Good Fund ~ BIMB i Growth

BIMB i GrowthWith KLSE consolidating near to oversold level of 30, it is going to rebound any time probably next week. Some recent economic data also shows positive figures for Malaysia economic growth. It is a perfect time to consider entering Malaysian fund right now.

While KLSE is consolidating, it would be wise to consider entering some Malaysia funds

As with Fund screening selector filtered by, among all outstanding Malaysian invested funds emerged a new performing star just below the 2 InterPac funds in recent 3 months. Even while KLSE is going down, most traditional major good funds have been going down as well. However, a new starring fund named BIMB i Growth has come into my radar. It is a rare uprising fund going with the same direction as  InterPac funds.

BIMB i Growth
The performance of BIMB i Growth for the past 3 months is just behind InterPac Dana Safi

Comparatively, BIMB i Growth has achieved a profit of 10.88 in the past 3 months, just behind 32.05% of InterPac Dana Safi and way above Eastspring Investment Small Cap and Kenanga Growth Fund of 3.58% and 2.5% respectively.Introducing BIMB i Growth Table

As I have checked, this BIMB i Growth has even many advantages as compared to InterPac fund. For one, it is a very low entry fund, with merely a requirement of RM 100 for first time investment, and low requirement for minimum holding and redemption, merely about RM 34.00. This minimum holding and redemption is important for those who wish to do fund balancing as an investment strategy.

Two, it has a money market Fund to match as a lower tier fund and as a cushion. This is important, because it serves as a back reception whenever we exit the equity fund. We can park our exited fund there so that we can earn credit points in order to enjoy free switching to the next destiny. Whereas Interpac Funds do not have this advantage.

BIMB i Growth is a growth focus fund. It does not regularly give out distribution. This is good for non-disturbing performances. This is an Islamic shariah compliance fund that focuses on investing in export oriented businesses. This is also perhaps the best part as the ringgit is soft right now as compared to neighboring competing countries.

I do not know about you, when I discover this new star, I have already side switched a few funds over there. One of them has appeared in the platform already and enjoys profit even when KLSE is still heading south. Will you consider seriously about this fund?


Disclaimer: The author expresses his view based on his own learning experiences and share for reference only. Readers are advised to use individual assessment to do investment.



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One thought on “Introducing Good Fund ~ BIMB i Growth

  1. Update on 28/9/2017: Apologize that I wish to revoke my recommendation for BIMB fund for investment according to the strategy I have promoted. The main reason is BIMB has recently changed their fund switching policy. They are now imposing a RM 25 switching charge for all switching within BIMB funds. Therefore, all funds belonging to BIMB is no longer under my recommendation. Apologize for any inconveniences caused.


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