Breaking through RM 10,000.00 Profit for the First Time in 2017

Profit Exceeding RM 10,000.00 for the First time in 2017

With the dovish US Fed minute announcement last Thursday, the global markets were dancing to the party to all time heights. My investment portfolio did joined in the party, and the overall profit exceeded RM 10,000.00 for the first time in 2017. Let me explain in detail what it means here;

  1. I have been managing 8 Fundsupermart Accounts for many years. These accounts belong to my family members and sibling. Due to time and season, I took some time off in the past 2 years and started off again shortly before the time I blogged about the Rare Bullish Out Look for 2017.
  2. This is probably not the first time my investment exceeded RM 10,000.00 given the same length of period in the past. But this is the first time I have recorded it that way. I have been watching all these accounts separately in the past. While I suddenly had a thought of combining all of them together in the month of May 2017 for the sake of fun and milestone recording.

    Profit Charting
    For the fun of Profit Milestone Recording
  3. The entire profit ended up with RM 11,293.67 as of now. So this profits are not all mine.  I am just like a sort of fund manager but with free services.
  4. As it leans against the entire capital, the profit rate is still in single digit. So I am not really satisfied with this figure. Nonetheless, I have also made some fine tuning to these accounts last few weeks. I would expect these portfolios to perform much better in the near future.
  5. As to me, it is not the money that counts but rather the experience gained through investment processes really matters the most. Money can be earned and spent away or even lost due to some mischief easily. But the experience and skill of “know how” stay forever with me. I am most gladsome in this stage is that I can help others who are willing to learn how to invest through this simple instrument.
  6. The most joyful thing I have discovered is that I am not the only one who have gained profit right now. As I have checked yesterday, all of those who followed my teaching and blog reading, also gained substantially in this bull market run up. (Yes, all of them. You have read it correctly. None of them loss money out of my advice unless there are those who invest without my knowledge. )
  7. If you want to join the party, you may PM me or write to me any time. Just let me know how I can be of help to you. I will be glad to help free of charge. Your profit will be my joy, satisfaction and meaning to life existence.


Disclaimer: The author expresses his volunteering assistance for the sake of hobby. He does not seek financial gain nor soliciting money for himself, nor for any organization.



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