7  Strategic Reasons why Investing through Fundsupermart Unit Trust is a Better Choice

FSMInvestment is about achieving capital growth through time. Currently most investments are done with stock market directly. According to statistic, 90 to 95% of all investors failed to attain successful result in stock market.   Therefore, it is a good reflection on how to swap your investment vehicle. Fundsupermart is a one stop platform for almost all major unit trust fund houses available in the market. The following article presents good reasons why you should consider investing through Fundsupermart .

  1. Success in investment required consistent profit over a long period of time. Occasional winning in stock or even incidental big winning does not entail anything in a long run. One loss can wipe out the entire long time accumulated profit in the game of stock. Only consistent profit will enhance a better capital growth eventually. Good investment through unit trust can easily generate consistent income confidently. Yes, comparatively, return in unit trust is lower than stock investment. That’s where we have “low” risk “low” return.  However, we do not want to expose ourselves to high return with high risk too if we are wiser. As long as the low risk is kept to a minimal or near to non existence level, the low return can grow over time and it will eventually become gigantic through compounding principles.
  2. Stock investment is about fighting a fierce battle in the market between investors within the zero sum game. It is about one investor taking over advantage over another investor’s capital. Normally a stronger or bigger player with larger capital wins over weaker investors with smaller capital. Big players are normally the winners over individual players or retail investors. (see also price manipulation in stock market.)  Big players are those unit trust fund managers. Investing through unit trust means you are joining forces with big players in order to ensure you to have a share of benefit with these big players when they win the battle.
  3. Using Fundsupermart as unit trust investment vehicle will save you a lot of sale charges which will ensure a faster return of your capital invested. Basically unit trust investment appeals the most to many passive investors. However the sale charge of more than 5% per entry deters most people when it comes to the cost of investment. Fundsupermart has cleared this hurdle for us. The highest Sale charge in Fundsupermart Malaysia is merely 1.75% per entry. Furthermore, there will be other methods to bring such rate even to a lower level such as sales promotional rate of 1%, new account privilege rate, referral programs etc.
  4. Fundsupermart platform will enable you to have free switching in and out of fund for life. You will be able to maintain a constant profited capital when you do switching from fund to fund. Not like stock investment, you will be charged for every transaction in and out of the market. Once you have your capital invested into the platform, it will only be charged once for a life time. There will be no more sale charges anymore if you know how to master those skills provided in the platform.
  5. With Fundsupermart platform, you will be able to employ stock investment strategy playing with unit trust without any cost incurred. This will generate higher return if you do it well.
  6. Relatively it is easy to invest with unit trust than with direct stock investment. More work, analysis, studies, risk are required when we invest through stock. Investing through unit trust, you just need to cater for the broader market trend study and understanding. And less attention is needed once you have invested. Possibly once a week monitoring is all what we require to do.
  7. With Fundsupermart, you will be able to invest not only locally, but globally, and with various means such as enterprises, gold or silver, oil and energy, agricultural products,  hedge funds, bonds etc. And this investing platform is able to let you play throughout your lifetime.  No other investment vehicle is needed to compound our capital anymore.


Note: Fundsupermart is a unit trust one stop investment platform started in Singapore and now has opened businesses in Asia region such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and India. If you are outside of this region, you may want to consider similar platform that carries unit trust or mutual fund from different fund houses in your area.


DisclaimerThe author expresses his view based on his own learning experiences for reference only. He has no whatsoever affiliation with Fundsupermart aside from being independent investor alone. Readers are advised to use individual assessment to do investment.



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