Wealth and Health

Health and WealthThree months ago, I thought I would die at any time, though admitted into the hospital emergency ward twice, but still could not find the cause … … but eventually after taking much butter, cheese, eggs, and so on, my health was restored. Very strange, isn’t it?

The reason for getting into emergency ward was because my left arm had a feeling of numbness for some time and was getting worse, even affecting my emotions, blood pressure, heartbeat, sleep and so on. The first round into the emergency ward, was because at that time I felt a little dizzy, vomiting while the my arm numbness attacked me. It looked really like a warning sign of a stroke or heart attack. But the diagnosis of the young doctor at that time was no major heart or stroke issue. He only suggested that I did physical therapy.

After two days, my situation got worsen. I was feeling tired, but could not fall into sleep. So I reported myself a second time to the same general hospital emergency ward, the medical staff found out that the situation was indeed quite alarming. Then I was immediately sent into the emergency department to have thorough check out. After spending 5 hours there, the result was disappointing. The Doctor said there was no major issue found in me, just diagnosed that I was suffering from early symptoms of high blood pressure.  I was prescript with high blood pressure medicine.

But at late night, although I had taken medicine for high blood pressure, I still could not fall into sleep as I was having strong palpitation. I was certain that I would not be able to fall into sleep that very night. At around 12:30 pm, my wife sent me into a private hospital and I asked to be admitted for a serious check up. I thought, in case if I die, I would rather die in a hospital, than at home!

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