Wealth and Health (shorter version)

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After a thorough check up in the private hospital for three days and three nights, a Heart Surgent specialist found my heartbeat had a little irregularities, plus my neck bones had some unusual structure. The doctor diagnosed that I suffered from neck bone degeneration disc. Because he was a heart specialist, he only prescript medication for the heart problem and with some nervous vitamin pills. But he did not treat my neck bone issue, neither did he recommend any further treatment, although he suspected my neck bone issue might have caused the numbness of my arm.

After discharged, my sleep was still a problem. In the middle of the night I went back to the same private hospital for help, the attending doctor just gave me sleeping pills. I also knew this sleeping pills was only a temporary solution, it does not heal the symptoms at all.

Osteopathic Treatment
After a few days, one of my friends introduced me to see an Osteopathic specialist with Chinese and Western approach. After the therapist asked a few questions, he suggested that if I had to cure from the root cause, I would have to start with the right food intake.

Physical Traction Treatment

In addition to the neck traction treatment, I have to take in butter, cheese, one or two eggs, and chocolate every day. I thought ~ gosh, these were high cholesterol food. I had been abstaining these kind of food intake all these while. He explained that there are good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). These food are rich in good cholesterol. When good cholesterol level was high, it would reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

In addition to that, I could no longer drink beverages rich with caffeine, such as coffee and tea. Because caffeine deteriorates bone tissues. When I was back home, I knew that I could not just listen to anyone without double checking myself.

After the Internet search, I found out that what the therapist said was correct. Those so-called high-cholesterol food are also high in calcium. For decades I did not supplement my bones with good calcium, but the destructed them with caffeine intake. No wonder my neck bone has been degenerated fast like an old man!

Health Awareness be Updated
In fact, I have read article mentioning that the US supreme board of nutritional panel has dropped the warning of high cholesterol affecting heart diseases in early 2015. This erroneous advice has harmed or misled many people for more than 40 years. The removal has also suffered strong criticism, because it came too late.

I have always enjoy good health. That’s why I have never paid much attention to its detail. When I was struck with this illness, it got my attention. Now after one and a half months of food supplementation of good calcium and neck bone physical treatment through traction, the numbness on my arm was completely healed. My emotion has also been restored, blood pressure went back to normal level, and high blood pressure drug was no longer needed to take. Additionally, because of constant searching for medical help, my sleep problems have also been resolved. I have come back to my teenager’s sleeping behavior. Ready to fall asleep whenever I need to and able to stay asleep until the morning.

Now I know health awareness and maintenance, does not only necessitate regular exercise, adequate sleep, eating healthy food, but also constantly keeping with updated nutritional information. Or else we as investors, will one day discover, as the Chinese saying goes “our soul rested in heaven but our money left in the bank”!



Disclaimer: The author shares his personal learning according to his own experience. Everyone illness is not necessarily identical. If any reader has a similar symptom of illness, must seek professional, such as doctors, therapists, or nutritionist for assistance. Please seek individual/targeted treatment.

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