Wealth and Health (Complete Version)

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Always Health Conscious
All along, I always pay attention to healthy dietary, never over eating, unhealthy food would never attract me. As for regular exercise, I had begun well as early as 20 years of age, jogging three times each week. As a result my current stamina is as stronger as young people. If my situation would have such a draw down, I would have to accept as it is.

Four months ago, I attended a special conference outstation. At that conference, I met a Chinese medicine practitioner. She saw one of my eyelids had a white spot, she immediately concluded that I had high cholesterol and in the risk of having a stroke any time. She advised me strongly to seek treatment immediately. My previous medical health check did indicate my cholesterol was a little bit high, but no medical staff advised me to seek medical control. After I returned home, I had consulted a medical doctor. He said the white spot on my eyelid was nothing but cosmetic, and has nothing to do with cholesterol level. So I did not put this in my heart.

Then one day after getting up in the morning, I found my left arm had a little bit of numbness. Though the sensation was very little, but it was enough to call my attention. I thought it might be a prognostic to a stroke. So I immediately went to the hospital to take lower cholesterol drug. After taking a few days, the numbness of my arm did not only subside, but became more obvious. There was a friend comforted me that he has a numbness arm too occasionally for more than three years and now there was no major problem. There was another friend also trying to comfort me saying that many people have the numbness of either hands or feet. Sometimes this kind of numbness could be very normal. If you opened a hand or foot numbness club, there might be a lot of people wanting to register too!

But my symptoms are unusual. It got worsen day by day. Until one afternoon while in a meeting, my arm was attacked with numbness again, there was dizziness and a feeling of vomiting. I immediately asked someone to send me to emergency ward in General Hospital.

Entering Emergency Ward
EmergencyBefore qualifying an emergency case, the medical staff have to verify my blood pressure. In the first assessment, the officer was shocked, my blood pressure was really unusually high (190/120 mmHg). (In fact, I was happy inside of me, because it proved that I had a problem, they must attend my symptoms! My physical body has always been strong. Whenever I feel there was something wrong with me, I hate to hear the most annoying word from the doctor telling me ~ Nothing’s wrong with you, do not think too much!) But the officer took another pulse instrument and check on the other side. The second measurement was not so high, but still at an abnormal level, so I was accepted for medical treatment. The officer told me that the first instrument may have broken down! But then I have to wait in a long queue. Because there were a lot of people coming to the emergency room for urgent treatment too.

While I was waiting, my body was gradually weaken, and feeling cold. So I immediately told the medical staff that I need immediate diagnosis. As I can no longer wait for too long. The medical staff helped to assess my heart beat condition by using ECG twice. Perhaps for the first time, the staff might have found something unusual, but for the second time, there was nothing unusual detected there. I do not know why the staff did not do the third time, perhaps the result would be more accurate. Because my symptoms were like waves. It came for a while and subside for a while. Eventually young medical doctor diagnosed that there was no prognosis of a stroke, neither any heart disease. He recommended me to do physiological therapy instead.

On the next day, I went to the General Hospital to arrange an appointment for physiotherapy. And discovered that the nearest available slot for me is one month away. I thought to myself, after a month, maybe I do not need to come here Because by that time, if not my arm numbness has been recovered, it will be my whole arm might have totally dissolved or disappeared!

It was not easy for the next few days. As even my sleep was also affected. Some times at the middle of the night due to hand numbness or palpitation attacked, I woke up, and can no longer drop back to sleep. Even more frightening was that my emotions were greatly affected. The threat of death overwhelmed me at times. So I searched the net for information, to understand why a healthy person such as me have such a symptom.

Unexpected Death Occurrences
While searching for information, I came across a reader in the response forum, saying that her husband was also as healthy as horse. But out of a sudden, he was attacked with a minor stroke. He was admitted and diagnosed to have a little tremor in the brain. After treatment for two months, he died, and he was only 52 years old! I thought maybe I probably need a brain scan too! It added chances of my death fear.

In the search, I also found out a case of Indian athlete who died at a Gym center after worked out. He was only 48 years old. The case was rested with a deprivation of enough sleep. He slept only six hours a day for a long time, his heart could no longer cope up with his intensive sport.

The conclusion was that only regular exercise was not enough to maintain a person’s health conditions.

Regular exercise is not enough for health maintenance, but sufficient sleep is also another issue.

Adequate sleep was also another very important factor. I thought, maybe this is the root cause of my problem!

I had have a 12 years of insomnia history when I was younger. Although I have recovered from its problem later on, but I still have some hang over. In a year there will be once or twice I could not sleep until dawn. But on the next day, strange enough that I could cope with a full day of work. However, when it came to about 8 o’clock in the evening, I would be totally blacked out. I have to sleep for 10 hours in order to fully recover. In additiona to that, I have also involved with investment lessons with US market, sometimes, I have to stay late into the night, sometimes, until near morning. This might have added up to my problem.

After a thorough check up in the private hospital for three days and three nights, a Heart Surgent specialist found my heartbeat had a little irregularities, plus my neck bones had some unusual structure. The doctor diagnosed that I suffered from neck bone degeneration disc. Because he was a heart specialist, he only prescript medication for the heart problem and with some nervous vitamin pills. But he did not treat my neck bone issue, neither did he recommend any further treatment, although he suspected my neck bone issue might have caused the numbness of my arm.

After discharged, my sleep was still a problem. In the middle of the night I went back to the same private hospital for help, the attending doctor just gave me sleeping pills. I also knew this sleeping pills was only a temporary solution, it does not heal the symptoms at all.

Ostoepathic Treatment
After a few days, one of my friends introduced me to see an Osteopathic specialist with Chinese and Western approach. After the therapist asked a few questions, he suggested that if I had to cure from the root cause, I would have to start with the right food intake. In addition to the neck traction treatment,

Physical Traction Treatment

I have to take in butter, cheese, one or two eggs, and chocolate every day. I thought ~ gosh, these were high cholesterol foods. I had been abstaining these kind of food intake all these while. He explained that there are good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). These food are rich in good cholesterol. When good cholesterol level were high, it would reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

In addition to that, I could no longer drink beverages rich with caffeine, such as coffee and tea. Because caffeine deteriorates bone tissues. When I was back home, I knew that I could not just listen to anyone without double checking for verification myself.

After the Internet search, I found out what the therapist said was correct. Those so-called high-cholesterol food are also high in calcium. For decades I did not supplement my bones with good calcium, but the destructed them with caffeine intake. No wonder my neck bone has been degenerated fast like an old man!

Health Awareness be Updated
In fact, I have read article mentioning that the US supreme board of nutritional advisory has dropped the warning of high cholesterol affecting heart diseases in early 2015. This erroneous advice has harmed or misled many people for more than 40 years. The removal has also suffered strong criticism, because it came in too late.

I have always enjoy good health. That’s why I have never paid much attention to its detail. When I was struck with this illness, it got my attention. Now after one and a half months of food supplementation of good calcium and neck bone physical treatment through traction, the numbness on my arm was completely healed. My healthy emotion has also been restored, blood pressure went back to normal level, and high blood pressure drug was no longer needed to take. Additionally, because of constant searching for medical help, my sleep problems have also been resolved altogether. I have come back to my teenager’s sleeping behavior. Ready to fall asleep whenever I need to and able to stay asleep until the morning.

Now I know health awareness and maintenance, does not only necessitate regular exercise, adequate sleep, eating healthy food, but also constantly keeping with updated nutritional information. Or else we as investors, will one day discover, as the Chinese saying goes “our soul rested in heaven but our money left in the bank”!


Disclaimer: The author shares his personal learning according to his own experience. All illnesses are not necessarily identical. If any reader has a similar symptom of illness, must seek professional advice, such as doctors, therapists, or nutritionists for assistance. Please seek individual/targeted treatment.


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    1. Hi Mandy, thank you for asking. Coffee I made mention here does not refer to any brand or mix. It is the caffeine content in the beverage that is harmful to bone tissue. Not only coffee has the caffeine substance, but tea and other beverages do have caffeine substance as well. Even then, not all coffee or tea lovers will have the problem of bone degenerative problem. Because they probably have other food intake, like cheese, butter etc.. to neutralize its effect. So this article is not a warning for coffee takers to abstain drinking coffee or tea, but to have balance food intake and have a proper updated health care information rather than getting from hear say info only.

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